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We offer high-quality bets at an affordable cost. We have a range of subscriptions to suit every need.

Our Technology

We pay for tailor made technology that allows us to be first to the market place when opportunities arise.

Our Monitoring

When we take and post our bets we don't just sit back we monitor every single market move to stay ahead of the game.

Our Support

You can contact us at any time through our social channels which include Twitter, Telegram and email.

Our Community

We have built a very solid community here at Tipster Charlie. Our members chat is always ready to lend a helping hand.

Our Diversity

We offer much more than just Football bets. At Tipster Charlie you can find bets on the card markets, UFC and much more.

Beating The Closing Line

Why is it so important?

It is common knowledge amongst professional punters that beating the closing line is the best indicator of long-term profitability. Several studies have shown a strong correlation between beating the closing line and being a profitable sports bettor.

Contrary to popular belief, a winning bet isn’t always a good bet and a losing bet isn’t always a bad bet.

At Tipster Charlie we like to think of winning as a byproduct of beating the closing line because we know if we do that, we’ll make money long term.

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We pride ourselves on being customer focused. We feel that this is reflected in the kind words our premium members wanted to say about our service, our character and the standards to which we hold ourselves.

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Bob x69 Premium Member

My betting journey was one of many fails until I found Charlie's service, he taught me about bankroll management and a staking plan, something that most tipsters on twitter will not explain. Since joining his service I have found him to be one of the most honest tipsters out there, full transparency doesn't hide losses but equally we celebrate the wins. I cannot recommend him enough his service is great I have now recovered all my losses from following tipsters on twitter that I shouldn't have been following (hind sight is a wonderful thing) all thanks to Charlie. The other thing I like about Charlie is he genuinely cares for his followers, goes out of his way to offer extras to the service and even sent me some Pokemon cards for my daughter's birthday and Christmas, all completely free of charge, he wouldn't even let me pay for postage. To sum up an absolute fantastic tipping service with someone that really cares about his followers at the head and goes above and beyond. As soon as I got the chance I bought a lifetime subscription to his service, he really is that good. You would be an idiot to miss out on such a fantastic service.

businessman, male, business-310819.jpg
Joe Brdn Premium Member

I've been using Charlie's premium for a number of months now, and have also used a number of premium/VIP tipsters over the years. If you are someone who wants to land long accas and big odds once in a blue moon, then Charlie probably isn't for you, although he did successfully tip Augsburg to beat Bayern at 15s in my first month. However, if you are someone who is wanting to take their betting seriously, and you follow a strict staking plan, then you will profit long term using this service, all for a price that takes the phrase 'value for money' to another level.

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Chris West Premium Member

Joined up in May 22, in that time I’ve managed to increase my initial value of units 3 fold. Everything Charlie does is open and clearly thought out. This isn’t betting as I knew it, this is much more like an investment that just continues to deliver. Couldn’t be happier with the decision I made to join.Review Text

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Diego Costa Premium Member

Before purchasing Charlie's service I had already read a lot of positive things about him. I subscribed to the monthly plan 4 months ago and I understand why the reputation is so good. It's one of the best sports betting services I've ever come across. Very good method and results; excellent support; organized; honest and transparent. I became a Charlie fan. I hope to be a customer for a long time.

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Yaz Premium Member

Brilliant service with a bunch of great people. I had only been betting for 3 months when I joined the service and I was losing money really easily because I didn’t know what I was doing. When I joined the service I quickly learned about bank rolls and units and staking properly in the sense that gambling is more of a long term investment rather than a method of making money fast. I’ve been part of the service just over a year and I can proudly say that it’s been very very beneficial for both me and my money.

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Saydul Premium Member

Hope this is ok mate!! If you want honest, well thought out and consistent bets then Charlie is your man!! All his bets are value bets and if you follow his bets as he advises I can 100% guarantee you will be in profits!! The best tipster around!

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Gary Dodds Premium Member

Since joining Charlie’s service my approach to betting has dramatically improved. The guidance on simple things like stake management and the support offered has focused my approach. His prematch work is in my opinion unrivalled from any other tipster, and his honest and forthright response to both wins and losses is something of an example to all. I look forward to continuing my subscription long into the future.

avatar, face, glasses-1294775.jpg
Dan Premium Member

If you’re looking for a genuine, hardworking and profitable tipster then look no further. Charlie has changed the way I bet and look at betting, I am actually withdrawing money and he has made the whole process an enjoyable one. I cannot recommend him enough, without a doubt the best tipster out there!

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“If you’re looking for a genuine, hardworking and profitable tipster then look no further, Charlie has changed the way I look at betting.” – Dan 

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