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Chris West Premium Member

Joined up in May 22, in that time I’ve managed to increase my initial value of units 3 fold. Everything Charlie does is open and clearly thought out. This isn’t betting as I knew it, this is much more like an investment that just continues to deliver. Couldn’t be happier with the decision I made to join.

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Diego Costa Premium Member

Before purchasing Charlie's service I had already read a lot of positive things about him. I subscribed to the monthly plan 4 months ago and I understand why the reputation is so good. It's one of the best sports betting services I've ever come across. Very good method and results; excellent support; organized; honest and transparent. I became a Charlie fan. I hope to be a customer for a long time.

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Yaz Premium Member

Brilliant service with a bunch of great people. I had only been betting for 3 months when I joined the service and I was losing money really easily because I didn’t know what I was doing. When I joined the service I quickly learned about bank rolls and units and staking properly in the sense that gambling is more of a long term investment rather than a method of making money fast. I’ve been part of the service just over a year and I can proudly say that it’s been very very beneficial for both me and my money.

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Big Leagues

Subscriptions Available
  • Status - Open
  • Members Chat
  • Recorded P/L
  • 3000+ Bets
  • 200+ Units Profit
  • 6.55% ROI


Limited To 125 Subscribers
  • Status - Group Full
  • Members Chat
  • Recorded P/L
  • 800+ Bets
  • 164 Units Profit
  • 14% ROI

Lower Leagues

Limited To 300 Subscribers
  • Status - Group Full
  • Members Chat
  • Recorded P/L
  • 750+ Bets
  • 130 Units Profit
  • 19% ROI

A Few Terms & Conditions

Section 1 – Subscriptions

A) Your subscription commences on the day of purchase and will run for the duration of your purchase from the same date.

B) It is your responsibility to contact us for the Telegram links once checkout is complete.

C) We reserve the right to terminate subscriptions without refund due to foul or abusive language, abuse directed towards us and abuse directed towards fellow subscribers.

D) Anybody found to be sharing bets from the service will be automatically removed without refund.

Section 2 – Results

A) We cannot and will not guarantee results. We have a proven long-term record that shows profitability. Good bets do lose and negative variance is inevitable.

B) All our results are logged and proofed. Human error can occur, in which case we will rectify if/when it arises.