What Premium Members Have To Say

I’ve been a premium member with Charlie for around 3 years now and I have to say I’ve seen my fair share of tipsters come and go but Charlie has always been the most consistent and honest one out there and that’s the reason why I am still a member three years later. Great service and great team always looking to make the service better for its members. Highly recommend.

Dan Cedrola Premium Member

    Been a premium member with Charlie lad since August 2016, seen him have two kids and a few stories along the way and even helped with some inside info. Never looked back or for another tipster. I don't always always bet and hardly ever comment but appreciate the hard work and honesty he puts in to the tips and the community he has created. It's been a steady side income for a while now.

    Aaron Waugh Premium Member

      Charlie is a superb in-play tipster. He can read a game of Football like nobody else I know. Crunching stats and reviewing the current flow of the match comes naturally to him. He remains the only Football tipster I am willing to pay for, as he's that good. But that's not all, he's approachable and friendly. Not a hidden face behind an account and will answer you in the members chat if you need help or have a problem. The service is great, it's always improving with fresh ideas and methods, with the regular giveaway. Give Charlie a shot, I promise you won't be disappointed.

      Frank Spencer Premium Member

        Where to begin? I have been in this betting world for 5+ years now. When I first got to Twitter I started following random tipsters then I found Charlie who was suggested by another guy. Was lucky enough to win a lifetime membership for a minimal fee and oh boy it was the best investment ever. Charlie is a beast on in-play betting, his reading of the game is second to none. He is also always looking to improve his service despite him having a lot of loyal members already behind him. When it comes to betting, discipline is key and I have learnt that from him and it's the best thing he could have ever taught me because it changed the way I bet. But the most important part - he is such an honest man you will never hear any bullshit from him. Couldn’t recommend him enough, you have to join this service.

        Perez Premium Member

          I’ve been a member for a while now and I have had so much enjoyment out of this service. It offers brilliant returns, subscription pays for itself really and the man that runs it is the epitome of a genuine gentleman. The service offers not only tips, you’ll be joining a brilliant and supportive community that look out for each other too. Sublime idea joining this service and it won't take long before you realise that yourself. Top class.

          Craig Premium Member