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New Customers can currently claim their first month for free, this is a recurring membership which can be cancelled at anytime, so you do not have to commit to a second month if its not for you, for cancellation read below or contact us via twitter!


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3 Months

£34.99 - 3 Months (Save £9.99!)

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to be put on the waiting list, message us.


  1. SEND a direct message via twitter to @Charlie_Premium
  2. Send the email you used to sign up with
  3. wait patiently to be accepted, you will then be sent your telegram info!


(All memberships are fully refundable, if you do not make profit within your first month you can request a refund)

(All payments are fully recurring and if you want to cancel it just contact me anytime via twitter)

(By signing up you are acknowledging you've read & accept the above.)

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What To Expect When Going Premium!


Welcome to Team TC! When you sign up for premium, you get three distinct services: in-play, pre-match, and corners. These models and systems are continuously evolving and updating, to reflect our desire to grow and produce higher quality results.

We record each service under their own tag on our P/L, so each part’s performance is individually measured, in addition to combining it all for an overall view of all 3 services. We have something for everyone: if you can’t manage in-plays, our pre-match system has consistently provided positive returns, and also has provided immeasurable feedback to help improve the service. All bets are posted 2-3 days in advance, this allows us to not only consistently beat the lines and get great value, but also makes sure it doesn’t interfere with your day to day lifestyle.

Our in-plays fly frequently, and also have a very consistent ROI. If you are able to be on your phone or access it with regularity, our corner bot and in-plays will only add to your potential growth. We cover a number of major and minor leagues, so make sure to be ready to go if you want the action of in-plays.

At Team TC, transparency is key: we follow a staking plan, and each bet is calculated and viewed as an investment into our portfolio. Gambling in and of itself is not a get rich quick scheme, it is a grind that comes with its fair share of ups and downs. We understand that, and our members do as well. This is a professional service that is designed to be profitable over time, and our history dictates exactly that - we run a profitable service across all 3 options.

Lastly, our community of members is incomparable in their passion, Willingness to help each other and desire to ride the roller coaster that is sports gambling. We win together, we lose together - our members chat is available 24/7 to interact with, and also answer any query or question you may have. While this is newer to the service, it has definitely provided a marked improvement to both our overall product, and our membership engagement being able to offer 24/7 support!


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