Why Go Premium & What To Expect

Well if you have enjoyed my free tips, then you'll simply love my premium ones, not only do you have a very diverse set of tools at your use when signing up, but you'll get access to all of my premium in-plays, pre-match & more!


Profit & Loss

As of the 1st of August 2018 (When we started tracking officially) - we are +275u on our own LibreOffice Spreadsheet, we have recently as of May 22nd started recording on @Bettin.GS which can be found here.

P/L Click Here


started recording & switched to them from the 21st of May, and thats where all our results will be from now on, apart from the old P/L which will be published here on the website.


What if I have a problem?

No problem! we are active 24/7 & offer support at all times, if you have an issue with a premium membership, want to become a premium member or something else, feel free to contact us here!


My Premium P/L View Full Stats @ Bettin.GS/TipsterCharlie

+14.287%152.15 Units
Placed betsWon bets
802476 (60%)
Top sportTop bookie

Full stats → Bettin.gs/TipsterCharlie

Before signing up...

Please make sure that before signing up you have used my free tips for a while before taking the premium plunge, make sure you can get on with my style of betting, how often I post etc, I have seen far too many people jump straight into a premium service without even thinking, just make sure im the right tipster for you before you commit to a membership.


Sign Up Here!

Monthly - £14.99


There are 50 spots available for 50p, once they're gone they're gone! its 50p for your FIRST month and then its £14.99 onwards.

(Includes Telegram Services, First Half Goals Bot, 0.5 Match Goals Bot & Over 1.5 Match Goals Bot!)


Yearly - £79.99

(All memberships are fully refundable, if you do not make profit within your first month you can request a refund)

(All payments are fully recurring and if you want to cancel it just contact me anytime)

(Sorry I do NOT accept Paypal, Skrill or any other payment platforms, only stripe checkout above)(

What To Expect When Going Premium!


First Half Goal Telegram Bot Access

Second Half Goal Telegram Bot Access

Over 1.5 Match Goals Telegram Bot Access

 Get a notification straight to your phone when odds on one of our selections hit!

Each Telegram service is tracked and can be found on my P/L under tags!



we make daily lists for the telegram bots provided by @AutoBotBettips


1-3 Super Singles + Bet Of The Day!


(Depending on the fixtures but expect around 6-8 a day, weekends could be considerably more)

See some examples of our first half lists below!