We currently have over 50 leagues where we take bets. From the top leagues in England, Germany, France, Italy and Spain to top European and International competitions like the Champions League and World Cup/Euros. We also take bets from the entire EFL, Bundesliga II, Ligue 2, Segunda and Serie B. Moving further we take positions in the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia. Our spectrum is vast, high-volume helps iron out variance and provides a stable base for confirming our edge.

When it comes to effectively sending our bets, Telegram is definitely the one. With ease of use, speed of alert and security it is the fairest and most simple way to post. The Telegram app is essential for receiving our bets. The app is available on a variety of devices and can be found via the Apple and Android stores for desktop, tablet and mobile.

It’s really important to us that we post with integrity. If we are posting bets that nobody can get money on then our P/L wouldn’t be a true reflection of our performance. We mainly use 1×2, Asian Handicap and Asian Goal Line markets. Situations may occur where it’s beneficial for us to use Bet365 bet builder to protect us from potential drifts or their Early Payout offer where price matches the -0.5 Asian Handicap line as our bet will be settled as a winner should our team take a two goal lead.

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“If you’re looking for a genuine, hardworking and profitable tipster then look no further, Charlie has changed the way I look at betting.” – Dan 

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Whilst premium members are extremely important to us, we understand that not everybody wants to pay for services. With that in mind we try and post as much free content as possible without it compromising our premium channel.

You can follow us on Twitter for all our free bets, guides and a sprinkling of light-hearted fun amongst our community.

If you don’t like Twitter or would prefer to use Telegram we have a dedicated channel just for our free content. The link for this channel can be found in here